Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm an excellent...EXCELLENT Driver...I'm an Excellent Driver

The boy, after 2 very patient months, took his road test today.  He passed.  We now have 3 licensed drivers in our household (I won't share how this will impact our car insurance except to say...OUCH).

I was very proud of him.

Now, I am dreading the inevitable push for a vehicle of his own now that he has passed his test.  Is it wrong that I SORTA hoped he wouldn't pass it so we could wait another 2 months (that was how long it took to get him into the schedule) before having to deal with said push?  Yeah...I thought so too.

OK, must look at the pluses:
1. designated driver (IF NEEDED)
2.  "go pick up your sister at XXXX"
3.  ?

Hmmm...2 pluses.  Feel free to help me out with some pluses.  Surely there are more than 2.

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