Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Frog Whisperer

This past weekend we ended up at a cabin of friends up on Sand Lake.  A little different direction (N) from where we normally head (NW) and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The cabin had this neat little "frog pond" in between the cabin and garage/loft, and lo and behold it was actually FILLED with frogs.  At one point, I counted 14 of them but you could see many MANY tadpoles in various states of development swimming around so I have no doubt that there will be a swift increase in population.

My youngest is quite the chameleon.  I've commented  on this facet of her personality...being all girly one moment and down in the dirt dirty the next.  And she held true to form.  She saw that frog pond and she was in it (on it) like white on rice.  And she really had a knack.  Where as normally the child will go charging into any given situation like a bull in a china shop, she seemed to inherently KNOW that such a tact would NOT be fruitful.  Instead she approached the pond with a quiet confidence I really had no idea she possessed (must get it from me).
 No, it wasn't a one time occurrence, she did this several times.  Then she took an altogether different tact:
Now she's just showing off.

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