Monday, August 30, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Silence.  Blissful, peaceful, heavenly silence.

I'd do the Snoopy Dance

but then I'd have to put on some music (I'm not THAT far gone that I would dance to music in my head....but I am closing in on it) and that would diminish my bliss.

The first day of school.  I believe that I may have been MORE excited for it than my children were (go figure).  I read until around 11pm last night, shooed my middle daughter back to bed when she came into our room at 1030 claiming to be scared (of what, I have no idea...I suspect it was more nerves of going to Middle School, something I CAN'T take away).  I did go right to sleep (as did she) but woke up  around 130am knowing I had to be up at 3am for the rolls.  And could I go back to sleep?  Uh...NO.  At 2 I went ahead and took out the rolls (an extra hour of warming wouldn't hurt them) thinking I would be able to THEN go back to sleep.  At 330 I got up and read for about an hour, until my eyes hurt and I figured I MIGHT just be able to sleep for an hour.  I think I did sleep in there but not for more than 15 min or so.  I got up at 540, started the coffee (oh, boy, am I going to need coffee today), preheated the oven and got the rolls in.  

The rolls...yes, I go over and above for special occasions: Christmas morning, Easter, and the first day of school.  Seldom enough that it's a special treat for the kids.  They usually watch me do it and know that it's not something I throw together quickly so I HOPE they're a bit more appreciative of the effort.  Would you be?

Me too.

So, the older girls had a 707am bus.  We had one small melt down when I told my middle daughter that NO she wasn't wearing the jean shorts she had worn all week without having been washed and she informed me, that, after school clothes shopping last week, she had NOTHING to wear.  Funny...she seemed to find something pretty quick when I offered to "help" her find something.
At older girls:
(if you would like to see the Forrest Gump version, click here)
Beanie attempted to get up with the girls and I promptly sent her fanny right back to bed.  She'll thank me for that in 5 years.  Maybe.
My son actually got up and cooperated with the annual first day of school ritual even though he didn't have to be at school until 11am.  AND I got a smile.  Today keeps on getting better!

Now, what would complete my bliss?

It's tomorrow...and the sun HAS come out.  I think I'll go bask in it's glory.

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