Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Mr Phy Ed Teacher,

I realize that this is just day 2 of the new school year but could you please excuse the boy from phy ed classes for, oh, let's start with the next 2 weeks and we'll see how that goes.  He has injured his ribs.  Although x-rays show no break, the Dr is having a radiologist review the x-ray this morning.  She confirmed that he had done something, whether a hairline fracture or possibly a tear of the muscle connecting ribs 7 and 8.  Regardless, the treatment would be the same: LOTS of ibuprofen, ice and heat alternately and NO strain to the body (luckily emptying the garbage does not fit into those categories).

HOW he injured it is still a mystery, but all evidence seems to be pointing to a golf outing with his father last Wednesday (pain began on Thursday), a frustrated hole and a full fledged "happy gilmore" fit.  Or two.

I'm sure it was entertaining, but not worth the pain he is in at present.

Thank-you for understanding.  I will let you know when he can resume activity in phy ed.


The Boy's Mother.

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