Wednesday, August 11, 2010

19 Days...they're back...and part 2 of the school supplies whine

Monday was an up and back trip to Grand Lake to drop off the girls and their friends at the ILs cabin for a couple nights (and make a quick stop to Cold Spring Bakery where I picked up a dozen peanut balls...technically, peanut holes but given the size of the sweet nectar of the gods treats, we choose to call the balls), came home and did the attempt at school supply shopping (see previous day).

Today, I did the reverse.  First I stopped at the Super Target where I DID locate the package of folders as I expected, however, even though EVERY.ELEMENTARY.SCHOOL in the south metro area requires ALL.ELEMENTARY STUDENTS to have wide ruled notebooks, there was not ONE wide ruled (basic) notebook to be found at Super Target.  Oh, there were some college ruled ones, but not one wide ruled one.  I was told they had been out of them for several days.  So, I picked up a few of the college ruled ones and the folders AND that obscenely expensive calculator and dropped another $100.  I guess I will be making yet ANOTHER run to Target. *sigh*

I then headed up to TJ as my kids are scarfing down their pita breads (pizza pitas) at an alarming rate, so I picked up another 4 packages.  It MIGHT last through the weekend.  Then, off to Cold Spring, where they had another TWO dozen peanut goodnesses awating me (love the call ahead feature).  And finally to Grand Lake where, my girls were packed and ready to go!  May wonders never cease.

Trip back was uneventful.  Actually, it WAS eventful in that it took less time than it usually does, minus the stop at DQ.

I've put all the school supplies thus far on their own receipts and have them in a safe place.  Mr. Accountant is going to be SO happy with me come April!

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