Friday, August 20, 2010


Just 10 more days.  Like Gloria Gaynor, I WILL Survive.

I though this week would be a bit of a down week but HOLY CRAP, I think it may have been our busiest yet.  This was the boys last week of work (more on that later) and wouldn't you know, the last day (Wed) he over slept so I was gently awakened by him asking me to drive him to work.  No time for coffee, teeth brush, hair comb, clothes putting on, just jump in the car in my PJs and go.  No, I chose not to record that event for prosperity.

Mon-Thurs my oldest daughter and Beanie had dance camp for an hour each day and Wed all 3 girls had a 2 hour workshop where they learn a dance they will dance at halftime at the high school's first home football game.  Since Beanie was on the cusp of 2 different groups, she did both the 5-8 yo workshop (California Girls) and the 9-12 yo workshop (OMG).  That's about 4 hours of straight dancing.  In a hot gym.  

Wednesday, the day of dance workshops, I also had to fit in orientation at both the Jr HS and the Middle School.  Since the orientations didn't start until after their workshops started, AND since they were also taking school pictures at the orientations, the girls needed to go home shower change and get "pretty".  The HS orientation and the elementary open house are next week.  Same day.  Yeah me!

My middle daughter then attended a free basketball camp for 2 of the 4 evenings, playing up from her age for the competitive edge. (she played 6-8 grade vs 4-6 grade).  Some arm twisting was involved in getting her there but on picking her up each time, she was happy she went.  If only I could do it without the arm twisting.

My oldest daughter had planned to try out for the 9th grade volleyball team and decided at the last minute NOT to.  I'm having a tough time accepting this decision (and it IS over and done so it should be a non issue) because I really think she has made a big mistake.  But, at 14, they know everything right?  This will be one she will have to live and learn and I will do my best NOT to throw out those 4 words teens hate..."I told you so".

She did, however, try out for the church Christmas play...LEAD.  While she has always been in choir, she has never done any acting so this was a bit of a surprise for me that she was willing to do this.  I wasn't allowed in the room for the audition but heard most of it from outside and I will say this, although her reading was a little monotone (not really understanding the need to exaggerate, especially on stage, for effect), she sang Defying Gravity a capella and did GREAT.  It was her choice and it is not an easy song to sing without music but I was impressed (and I AM a tough critic).  We find out the results today.  Regardless of how she does, I was very proud that she put herself out there and tried (had she only done that with volleyball...ahem...)

Yesterday, the boy didn't work.  Instead the company had an all day picnic which started with about 45 of the employees going out and playing paintball for a couple hours.  He had a BALL.  He's covered in welts but I think he's wearing them as badges of honor.  Then there was a picnic at a local park on a lake and every employee won something.  My son...he came home the winner of a 32" HD Vizio TV.  We can't get the silly grin off his face, not that we'd want's been too long since he's worn it for any length of time. 

So at 530, as I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to make for dinner, we get a call from a friend who has made a huge pot of chicken enchilada soup and if we're not busy can he bring it over (his wife had relatives arriving and was busy cleaning) for dinner?  HELLS yes!  I did throw together a quick (but yummy) home made mac-n-cheese for the kids.  His soup was awesome, topped with fresh cilantro, crisped strips of corn tortillas and mexican cheddar cheese.

Yes, the days are flying by, but in a good way.  My kids are happy, engaging, and ready to go back to school (or maybe that is me projecting that they are ready to go back to school...not sure)...might I add that I will have 4 children in 4 different schools this year?  Wish me luck.

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