Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surf'n Turf

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.  ~ George Bernard Shaw

We had friends over tonight to try out some new recipes.  It was something like surf and turf...ghetto style.  They brought steak marinated and skewered.  We had this as an appetizer with a nice Zinfandel.  He made three FABULOUS was a bloody mary sauce, the second was a replica of a bloomin' onion sauce and the third was a bloody mary sauce mixed with blue cheese.  I'm not typically (ever) a blue cheese fan but this was awesome.  I couldn't decide which dipping sauce I liked best.

Then I made a basil butter stuffed grilled salmon.  Oddly enough, I am not a fan of cooked salmon.  I saw Tyler Florence do this on his Ultimate cooking show and thought...I think I could eat it this way.  Of course, you always make a recipe your own.  His was baked with bread crumbs...I made it on the grill, no panko.  I laid mine on a bed of lemon slices to start with.  And I held back some basil butter to top with salmon with and it was FABULOUS.  I served it with diced fingerling oven baked potatoes and roasted asparagus with an orange ginger cilantro butter (another new recipe that was TDF).  We ate dinner with a nice Pinot Grigio.

For dessert, I made a peach pie.  It was OK.  You can only do so much with peaches in MN.  Finding 10 nicely ripe peaches takes some doing.

Here's the kicker...another fish recipe the children ALL ate.

And to Mr Shaw, I say...AMEN!

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