Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sorry Charlie...

Do you remember the old Star-Kist commercials..."But Charlie, Star-Kist don't want tuna with good taste...Star-Kist wants tuna that tastes good.  (deep announcer voice) Sorry, Charlie...only good tasting tuna gets to be Star-Kist".  (see Michelle...the  wasted brain cells I have remembering that sh!t).

I called my husband this morning asking what he wanted to have for dinner.  We were at friends house yesterday and they were getting ready to sear some tuna so he suggested we have...seared tuna for dinner.  I was at TJ and picked up some ahi tuna to make, as per his request.

I marinated the tuna steaks in lime juice, olive oil, rice vinegar, garlic and fresh ginger.  I saved back some of the marinade and mixed it with honey to glaze the tuna with in the final stages.  I roasted mixed potatoes and made a salad of roma tomatoes, yellow peppers, cucumbers and avocados.  I had left over butter from last weeks salmon and asparagus...both basil butter and the cilantro orange butter that I put out.  The steaks, while cooked "just" through, were moist and flavorful.  Even the kids agreed that they were very good (they didn't know what to expect so they were somewhat apprehensive).  They preferred the basil butter, while I was diggin' the cilantro orange butter. 

Not Star-Kist...but definitely tuna that tastes good.

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