Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now wait
And try to find another mistake
If you throw it all away then maybe you can change your mind
You can run, oh
And when everything is over and done
You can shine a little light on everything around you
Man it's good to be someone
~ Rob Thomas, Someday 

Way back in May, on Recital Day  we got tickets to see Rob Thomas at Grand Casino Hinckley.  That concert was on Friday and it was FABULOUS.  A little background.  Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol have founded a charity called Sidewalk Angels Foundation .  The foundation selected Minnesota's House of Charity as the recipient of their efforts in Hinckley.   The entire concert was acoustic, with Matt Beck and Kyle Cook, from Matchbox Twenty, accompanying him on either guitar, piano or lap steel guitar.  All 3 of them rotated between instruments.  It was truly phenomenal.
We couldn't have asked for a better night.  The sky was completely clear with not a cloud in sight.  The moon was waxing, a perfect backwards "c".  The temperature in the outdoor stadium was a comfortable 75 jacket required!
Each song that Rob played he explained how it came to be.  3am...came about from a time in his life when his mom was diagnosed with cancer.  Disease was written by Mick Jagger (and he let us know, when you go out with Mick Jagger, you WILL hold his jacket).  He did Save the Last Dance, written, he told us, by Doc Pomus (and Mort Shuman) who had polio and told the story of how he would take his wife, an actress and dancer out and wanting to see her happy, would watch from the sidelines as she danced.  The song reminds her to go, have fun, but remember "in whose arms you're going to be".  It was inspiring to hear the stories behind the songs.

Rob's first song...Mockingbird.
 Rob played the beginning of the concert with the sun directly in his eyes...hence the sunglasses.

Yes...that's a cheat shot.  I took it off the jumbotron.

You'd think all of that would have been enough, right?  No, the fun didn't end there.  After the concert, we went into the casino and just roamed around.  There was a band, Arch Allies, playing in the event center.  They played all  REO, Styx and Foreigner songs.  We watched them for a while, then went roaming through the lobby when I suddenly grabbed Sharon and we switched directions, following Matt Beck, who was walking through the lobby.  OK...follow might be a bit broad term.  Maybe stalking was a little closer to accurate.  They (he was with another person) went into the high rollers room to the bathroom back in the back.  NO...we didn't follow them in, but we did wait outside the high rollers room and stopped them on their way out and introduced ourselves.  The other person was Seth (or that was the name he gave) and he was responsible for them being in Hinckley.  I asked what made them choose Hinckley and Seth said that they liked doing small venues.  I suggested next time, they think about playing Shakopee and Seth said, is that near Mystic Lake as he was at Mystic earlier in the day.  Who knew?  We could have ridden up to Hinckley together.

So, a fabulous concert.  We got to meet a band member.  Maybe next time we'll get closer to Rob Thomas.  Girl's gotta have her dreams right?

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