Monday, July 12, 2010

A Pampered Pause

No word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.
Mark Twain
My older girls spent the night with their cousins, leaving Beanie at home.  Alone.  Normally this isn't a big deal but earlier this weekend, the 4 of them had set up a make-over salon, in my living room.  I wasn't bothered by the salon, what bothered me was that she wasn't part of the manicure/pedicure makeovers.  
So, today I took a rightly timed pause from my standard "no" to indulge my baby in her first pedicure, since it gave me an excuse to indulge myself in a (well needed) pedicure as well.  Very spur of the moment.
Here is my baby in the chair...

And getting her toes painted.  I think she picked a color that is called..."I'm 9 and I love neon pink"...

And the finished product...
I think the flowers are pretty!

The smile on her face said it all!

I love that I was the one who put it there.

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