Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday was, yet another (ho hum...) stunningly beautiful day in MN  We intended on getting an early start out on the boat but life got in the way.  We finally took off around 1215 with a cooler full of cheese, salami, crackers, fresh cut pineapple and oranges, pop, juice, water and of course beer.  The boy took a pass on this trip as his work hours seemed to be hampering his social life and he needed to reconnect with some friends.  However my  youngest had her best friend over so we brought her along.
We had barely gotten on the water when I looked up in time to see a bald eagle stalking a fish from a couple hundred feet up, then swoop down and snatch it from the water.  Too caught up in the scene to lift my camera and record it.

These two were the first to hit the tube and Beanie reigned in her wild streak in deference to her friend.  Still...I believe the giggles and smiles said it all.

My older two girls were a bit more adventurous.

Perhaps show off is a better word.

We stopped and snacked while the girls jumped off the boat and swam.

I think they had fun?

Friends on the lake hooked up with us and my oldest and I decided to "walk on the wild side".  They are avid skiers/wakeboarders but have recently been practicing wake surfing.  Imagine using the  wake created by the boat as a wave to surf on.  And there you have it.  Wake surfing.  The board is much smaller than a surf board and has grippies on the bottom so your feet don't slide around on the board as the boat pulls you up.  Now, IF you're really good, and you get in front of the wake, and the boat hits the right speed to create the right wake, you can throw the rope back to the boat and surf the wake.  I'll be honest right up front...I'm not that good.  I'm not even close to being that good.  I got up but couldn't get in front of the wake.  My oldest daughter got up quicker but had the same problem with the wake.

This morning, I'm a little sore.  But, it's a good sore.  A sore that reminds me that I may be getting old, but I don't think you'll ever completely squash the daredevil spirit.

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