Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bragging Moment

If you done it, it ain't bragging. ~ Walt Whitman

I didn't do it.  But I'm going to brag about it.  Anyone have a child who plays in-house softball?  My middle daughter ended up in in house softball and I have to say, it was a LONG.SEASON.  The first half of the season consisted of games where the pitchers pretty much walked in 5 runs (mercy rule) for the first 2 innings.  Maybe by the 3rd (and typically last) inning one of the players would hit the ball and the rest of the team would get an opportunity to actually play.  As a parent, it was painful to watch.

Mid season, the pitchers accuracy started to increase and more of the girls were hitting the ball.  We ended the season 6-1-1 (one game was a rainout).  They were the top seed for the playoffs.

Monday's first game was good but they ended with a far enough lead by the bottom of the 5th inning (last inning) that they didn't have to take their last ups (home team), moving them to the championship game tonight.

The first inning didn't look good.  The other team (home team) played some really good defense, preventing us from scoring in the first inning, and they then scored 3 runs at the bottom of the inning.  The second inning they managed to score 2 runs and kicked up their defense preventing the other team from scoring with my daughter, playing 3rd, making an awesome unassisted double play.  Down by 1, they kicked up their offense the next inning and went ahead  7-3, scoring 5 runs (enforcing the mercy rule).  Again they held the opposing team to 3 and at  the top of the 4th they went ahead, 10-4.  The other team had a chance if they could score at the bottom of the fourth.  They didn't.  They went ahead and played the 5th inning again scoring 5 runs.  There was no way the other team could win but they played out the inning with my daughter catching a pop foul ball as a first baseman to end the game.  Final score 15-6

She needs a little work on her hitting.  She made it to base once on a 3rd strike rule, once on a walk, and once with a line drive behind the pitcher.

But she played well enough that her team gave her the game ball.

It was the perfect end to a season that began with a rocky start.  I say by virtue of having given birth to her, I have bragging rights.

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