Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pay it Forward

Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing. ~ Tony Stark in Iron Man

Taking a short break from the eloquent Mr Twain this morning.

Yesterday, the weather was cold and rainy all day long.  Having spent the morning chaperoning Beanie's 3rd grade class at Skateville, I was most definitely in need of a relaxing evening.  My older two were off at sleepovers and my  husband suggested we  watch Iron Man.  Reviews of Iron Man 2 suggest that it would be a very good movie and we had yet to see the first one.  So, I went in search of the movie, little realizing the difficulty I'd have.

First I checked the local Red Box.  Close, easy in and out...but no.  It was not in the upteen billion movies in the local one.  Matter of fact, it wasn't in ANY Red Box in the area.  So, I headed to Block Buster POSITIVE I'd find the movie there.  The question was...WHERE?  I checked first under action movies.  No.  Then drama.  Nope.  Then comedy.  Nada.  I checked under Summer Sequels.  Niet.  I checked BluRay.  Non.  I even checked the tables with previously viewed movies thinking I'd just buy it.  Not there either.  I finally gave up (can you say tenacious?) and asked for help only to be led right back to action movies where...there was no Iron Man. became a quest because according to the computer, there were 6 copies of the movie in the store.

All the while we were searching for the movie, my daughter and her friend were out in the car as this was supposed to be just a run in and grab thing and I was to drop them off at a birthday/sleepover after grabbing the movie.  So she is incessantly texting me...what's taking so long? We're late.  Can we just go?

Finally, one copy of the movie is found and I go and stand in the line that 5 minutes early wasn't there.  But now, as I am in a hurry, there are 5 people (but it looks like 15) in front of me.  One keeps going back to the candy counter to pick up different candy...while at the register.  I keep saying to myself, PATIENCE...good things come to those  who wait.  So they're a little late.  No biggie.

I finally get to the register as the woman in front of me is walking out and the manager attempts to stop her saying, "you forgot your coupon" to which she replied..."give it to the next person in line".  That would be me.  All that looking and waiting paid off.  The movie was free with her coupon.

I'm going to be on the look out today to pay my good fortune yesterday forward.  Wouldn't it be nice if we all paid a little kindness forward?

And Iron Man?  Very entertaining.

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