Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

There is nothing comparable to the endurance of a woman. In military life she would tire out an army of men, either in camp or on the march.~ Mark Twain

Yes, that was more about women than mothers, but I'm going to look at that statement as my dad taught me years ago, when discussing the difference between brandy and cognac:  all cognac is brandy but  not all brandy is cognac.  All mothers are women, but not all woman are mothers.  Those who are mothers know the extent of our endurance.

Luckily, my husband has not allowed me to do anything (ok...much) today.  And I'm ok with that, especially since he is already planning his Father's Day WEEK (yes, WEEK...he gets a whole week, as he does with Chrisapalooza).  Tomorrow, I'll be back to being mom, wife and woman...I'll practice endurance tomorrow.

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