Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Today was just one of those dreary days that lend itself to depression.  Instead of letting that and circumstances take control, I chose instead to turn to "comfort food".  What a great day for grilled cheese and soup right?  Ah....but not just grilled cheese and soup.  Because that would be plebeian.  No...what we're talking about is...roasted asparagus soup and bruschetta grilled cheese.  I'd love to take credit for both but I think I'm only able to really take credit for the grilled cheese.  The roasted asparagus soup is Robin Miller's from Food.tvThe only thing I did different was I added about 1 cup of half and half at the end.  The rest...right down to the asparagus tips, sun dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese croutons...was per recipe.

The bruschetta grilled cheese I'm going to call my own.  It was fairly simple.  I used sourdough bread and spread one side with pesto sauce (I make my own...YES, I am an over achiever, but only in a limited number of areas), some chopped roma tomatoes and some  whole milk mozzarella cheeseButter on both sides and grilled till golden.  The only complaint I got was perhaps there was a bit too much cheese.  Because the cheese came in a ball and was difficult to slice into thin slices, I would suggest leaving a little area in between the cheese slices to allow for it to spread and make it thinner as it melts.  

Topped off by the first batch (this month) of chocolate chip cookies Beanie and I made yesterday, I'm not sure it gets much more "comfort food" like.

It was a perfect ending to a dreary day. 

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