Friday, April 30, 2010

I Hope You Dance

My girls are in dance.  My oldest celebrates her 10th year in dance this year, so it's sorta a big deal.  She's in 3 separate dances, all jazz/hip-hop.  My middle and younger daughter are both in 2 dances: one jazz and one tap.  I think this has been on of my favorite years for dance, if for no other reason that my oldest didn't have to have her hair curled.  I thinking 
Here are their dance pictures.  My oldest in her Cowboy Casanova costume:
And her Boom Boom Pow costume:
And her Tilt Ya Head Back costume:
My middle daughter in  Hit Me Up (tap) costume (this one was one of my favorites!):
And her Sharp Dressed Man (NOTHING like a little ZZ eh?):
And finally Beanie in It Keeps Getting Better(tap):
And her jazz dance Someone Like You: don't want to know what I spend each year on costumes.  But it will all be worth it tomorrow seeing them dance, just because they love to dance.  And I will continue to remind them, for years to come, that when given the choice to sit it out or dance...I hope they dance.

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