Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Tuesday is one of our down nights.  No dance, no basketball.  It's nice.  The only problem is that the kids finish dinner to rush off to the TV/DS/X-box/*insert device of choice*.  So, last night my husband dubbed Tuesday as "no electronics night". (and as we all know, they'll put all their grey matter to the question of how to get around said ruling...if only they applied that much persistence to things that REALLY mattered).  They can read, they can play games (which at this point excludes the Wii...but I see this as being the chink they'll be looking for), play cards, etc.

 So, the kids pulled out Taboo.  Have you ever played Taboo?  No?  Well it's a fairly easy game to play.  You have cards with a word that you are trying to get your team members to say, AND 5 words that most accurately describe that word that you CANNOT say (Taboo words). So...the word you need to get your team to say is Airport but they cannot say plane, fly, takeoff, travel and runway.   A team member from the opposing team watches the word giver to make sure they don't say any of the Taboo words and buzzes them if they do.  They have one minute to get their team to say as many words as possible.  So we split into teams: me, my son and Beanie *insert eye roll* and my  husband and two older daughters.  I knew we were in trouble when my older daughter got the Eiffel Tower, used the clue "it's a big thing" and my younger daughter said..."Eiffel Tower".  THAT just doesn't happen.  Oh, wait, it does happen, but only on very VERY OLD episodes of The Odd Couple (when Oscar and Felix are on Password,  Yes...I just dated myself)  Here's the episode:

Taboo...a guessing game where you have to talk around what you really want to say... also known as... My Life as a Board Game.

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