Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Powers of Observation and the XY Chromosome Pairing

It's a two-fer Wednesday!  Lucky you.

So, this morning I'm running a little late and need to take my son to school (yes he's spoiled but in his defense it IS -4) and I ask my son to run out and start the 'burb.  He said, I can't find your keys.  Now, I have been known to put my keys on counters or in my jacket pockets.  I've tried to get better at this by making a conscious effort to hang my keys either on the key board or on the strap of my purse.  So, I'm on my way to a panic because where could I have left them?  I start at the counters (where I am most likely to leave them) but no.  I check my jacket pocket but no.  I glance at the key board and there they are...hanging on the key board.  He claimed that he didn't know which keys were mine.  I had issues with his explanation because of all the keys hanging on the board, only one set had car keys.  He most definitely knows what a car key looks like (he's 15...believe me, he knows)  An thus the root of my problem.

/begin rant
What is with the XY chromosome combination with being able to look almost directly at something and not see it.  Late last year, I was taken to task, and perhaps I was a bit harsh, for telling three men, who were STANDING IN FRONT OF A RESTAURANT we were going to, to "grow a pair" and turn around and find it instead of calling me (we had driven separately) to tell me that the restaurant isn't in the EXACT spot that they expected it.  As if I can do what?   Exactly?  Jump on my broomstick, rush to their side, whisper oh so gently in their shell like ears that perhaps they should...turn around?  The "grow a pair" was directed to all 3 men as any one of them could have found the restaurant by simply turning around.  Do you have this problem?    Do you have to find what is right in front of them, whether it's moving the milk to one side to find the blue cheese dressing, or thumbing through a stack of shirts for the one they want because for some reason the one they wanted wasn't magically on the top?  I have to do that to a lesser extent with my girls, but the key here is "lesser extent".  They KNOW at this point to make sure they've done their VERY BEST at searching something out before calling for help.  But my boys?  Nope.  

/end rant

Here is the irony.  Both my husband and son are hunters.  They can spot a deer at dusk  moving silently along a tree line at 500 yards (I'm lucky to make out the tree line).  They can spot a wild turkey roosting in a tree (tree...yeah I see the tree...the turkey, not so much).  But for some reason, their powers of observation in domestic situations seem to desert them if there is a woman within yelling distance.   I think this dichotomy helps explain the male/female relationship.  At least as it pertains to missing car keys.

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