Friday, February 5, 2010

Pants on the Ground

It snowed today.  It's Minnesota.  It snows almost every day.  

Today I went to pick up the boy from school, because, I AM da MOM.  I pulled into the activities entrance, where I usually pick him up (only because that entrance is the closest to pop machines...but you didn't hear that here) and there was a line of cars behind a line of buses.  Normally, buses do not park at the activities entrance but have their own parking area, but these buses had trailers attached.  I pulled behind a  truck with a mom unloading a snowboard and thought...SKI CLUB.  Yes, yeah for snow in Minnesota as it is PERFECT for skiing/snowboarding. (usually snowing means it's WARM enough to actually enjoy your day vs skiing when it's colder than hades!)  So, I pull around the mom and young man removing the snowboard and equipment bag from the truck and move forward to just behind the bus with trailer so that my son could see "HEY...I'M HERE" when the young man of the snowboard went to load his snowboard into a trailer.  At that point my jaw hit the ground.  He bent over to put his equipment in the trailer and his pants were BELTED BELOW HIS BUTT CHEEKS.  I SO wish I had my camera because writing what I saw does not do it justice.  Seriously...his jeans weren't just "riding low", they were BELTED below his butt cheeks.  I got a full back side view of exactly what brand, color and fit of boxers this boy was wearing.  My first impulse was to back up to the aforementioned truck and smack the mom around and say..."WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING???"  

But I didn't.  I held court with my son and his two friends on the way home and they informed me that this was NOT unusual.  They told me all the different variations of the aforementioned style, you could say, giving me a HS young men's fashion education, and thankfully, they ALL dissed (see, I can talk HS) it, although not quite with the same vehemence that I did.

And I find it ironic.  Because my girls recently have been parodying the "pants on the ground" song from American Idol.  Which I find funny because we don't watch American Idol.  Yet they all seemed aware of the contestant.  Have you seen it?  No?  Well, take a gander.  And know that I fully agree with the sentiment.

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