Tuesday, February 9, 2010


If it's Tuesday, it must be game night!  Tonight's game...Guesstures.  For those not familiar with this game, it's similar to charades.  You place 4 cards with a word on it you need to "act" out.  No talking.  You have only 15 seconds per card and if your team doesn't get the word in that time, it falls into the holder and the card is no longer in play.  Or if you get the first one quickly, you have the remainder time to get the next cards.

Teams this time were me and the older two girls, and the husband, boy and Beanie.  My older daughter had a bit of an attitude going into the game but she snapped out of it.

That's what I'm liking about these games.  No matter the mood (so far), we all come out of it just a little happier, even if we lose.

And who can argue with happy, right?

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