Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?????

It's Super Bowl Sunday and guess what?  It's snowing.  Again.  Thankfully we're not expected to get close to what the East Coast (you have my condolences) is getting, with the top amount being maybe 12 inches when all is said and done (that mean, by Tuesday morning).

This morning we went to church and I was humbled by the service.  I have chosen a Joyful Attitude.  We came home and I pulled together some Chicken Chili "straws" (sorta like a mexican eggroll), that just need to be baked and a jalapeno honey dipping sauce to take to the Super Bowl party.

I'm a little ambivalent about the game though.  With the Queens having given away what should have been their Super Bowl slot (look at the numbers...we won by all numbers but turnovers, and we lost because we won in that dept too), I'm not sure who to root for.  Do I root for the team that beat us?  Sorry all you N'Awlins fans but you don't get to win a Super Bowl just because you had a hurricane  5 years ago.  BUT...In the Saint's favor is the fact that their QB went to Purdue...MY alma mater.   Of course, then there's the Colts, lead by Payton Manning and you get that whole "Manning-brothers, and one having TWO super bowl rings and the other only having one" controversy.  You just KNOW that will lead to some tense family situations.    Right now they're even Steven. Need they rock the boat? BUT...the colts are from Indiana and Purdue IS in Indiana.  Hmmmmm.... 

I may have to go with the Saints on this one.

And YES...I do pick horses with the same logical precision and with what is usually the same degree of success.

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