Monday, January 4, 2010

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

So, y'all know that I've had a crappy 2009...butI' my mono-blog ( daughter showed me Taylor Swift's Monologue Song so I had to do it). But 2010 is already looking up. Let me tell you how it has started.

My sister was spending Christmas this year with her boyfriend in Washington state. He had sent us a BIG box of REALLY YUMMY gourmet chocolates/truffles. I still needed to send her gift to Washington, and oh, what a coincidence, her (and his) gift fit perfectly in the same peanut filled box he had sent. I was being OH SO clever, and green...reuse, recycle...all that stuff right? But I took it a notch higher. The box he had sent me was square, so when I resent it to him, I happened to write a few choice words on the inside flaps...OH, I don't remember EXACTLY what, totally innocent mind you, but apparently it was taken completely out of context. In his mind, I had thrown down the gauntlet.

I spoke to my sister a day or so before Christmas and learned she was headed to Vancouver Canada to visit his parents for Christmas Day and I casually asked her if she happened across them, could she send me some Smarties as I can't get them here.

So, fast forward a couple weeks, to today, when my sister calls me and asks if I have received "the box" yet. SO innocuous was the mailing *I* had sent that I had completely forgotten, and I responded, no, no other boxes than her Christmas box. Then, it hit me. UH OH. What had I done?

I had to go pick up my son from school and checked the front porch for the tell-tale brown square box and was relieved that no, no box had arrived. Then, on a whim, I walked to the front porch and to my chagrin, yes, nice Mr. Postman HAD left me a package from Washington state. I lifted the priority box only to hear a very distinct shifting of "items". From the weight of the box...very heavy items.

I took said box to the kitchen and retrieved a knife to open the box, thinking..."he surely did NOT send me rocks...NO ONE spends $10.35 to send a box of rocks halfway across the country". I held my breath and slowwwlllyyy opened the flap on the white box, only to collapse into a fit of laughter.
The box contained, what had to be close to 15 lbs of Smarties. Want to see what 15 lbs(or so...I haven't actually measured it) of Smarties looks like?

That bag sitting on top of that bowl that is FILLED (no crumpled up paper to make it look like the bowl is filled) weighted 4.6 lbs. Thus my guess of about 15 lbs of Smarties. This didn't just make me smile, it made me laugh out loud, something I haven't done a lot of lately butI'mnotgoingtotalkaboutthat.

So...gauntlet, thrown. Face, squarely hit.

All I can say is...Bring it!

PS DO know that this is lutefisk country right?

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