Monday, January 18, 2010

SKOL Vikings!!!

Wow, yesterday was crazy! A good crazy. I went to early service at church by myself (more later on that) and came home to my husband and kids cleaning the house! CRAZY! How often does that happen?

We had the ILs and friends come over to watch the Vikings TROUNCE the 'Boys. I'd like to say I saw something of the first half, but I didn't. Between making the Bloody Mary's (ours require a "side salad"), putting out the shrimp salsa, making a chicken version of crack and put out some steamed tortillas and blue corn chips with which to partake in the crack, a veggie tray, a cheese tray...thinking that would be enough, I didn't get a chance to see anything after the kickoff. By time everyone arrived, along with the above we had BBQ weenies, deviled eggs, pickle wraps, guacamole and massive quantities of Buffalo Wild wings. The last half, though...I saw it all. It was AWESOME!

Then, we got a Wii bowling tournament going. Holy Buckets was that ever fun! I think there was more talking SMACK during bowling than during the game. Cabelas Big Game Hunter came out and THEN the kids got into the act. People left, people came back...the house was like a revolving door of good friends!

I think it was close to 11 when everyone eventually left. But that was fine. It was the perfect ending of a perfect day!

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