Friday, November 13, 2009

Running Home to Daddy

Yesterday, I had a bad day. And so I did what any rational 46 year old woman would do: I ran home to Daddy. Or rather I called him. Let me tell you the power a girl's daddy still has on her as an adult. When he answered the phone, recognized my voice and said "Hello me Darlin'" in a mock Irish brogue with just a touch of Staten Island thrown in, the anchors tying down my heart were removed and I immediately felt better. Like being cold and someone throws a warm fleece blanket over you. The power of a girl's dad.

I talked through my cell phone and one cordless phone dying told him what was going on here. As an adult, I took responsibility for my own transgressions, letting him know I am NOT blameless. Still, he expressed his eternal support for me, as one would expect from a dad. Between my dad and my sister, they are serving to help me gain a bit of self-respect back. And I'm grateful to them.

Later yesterday evening, I got an email from him with a story...a story I have heard countless times and it never fails to remind me of who I am..who I have always been:

I knew a little girl, around 2 years old. We were in Homestead, Fl. at the time. She was playing with the children across the street, when something happened to upset her, and home she ran, crying so hard that she knocked herself out in the middle of the road. I picked her up, me and Mom washed her face, Mom got one of the pineapple oranges, peeled, seeded and sectioned it for her, put it in a tupperware bowl, set her on the tricycle, and away she went. Up and down the sidewalk in front of our house looking across the street at the other children who caused the stress, and if there ever was a F**k you look on anyone's face, it was on that little girl's. End of story.

I am doubly blessed. Not only do I have the world's best dad, I married my father. Yup, I think it's so true that we are drawn to men who remind us of our fathers. My dad and my husband share so many attributes, it can't be just a coincidence. They are both unswervingly loyal, protective and supportive. They both put a high value on the importance of family. They're both conservative in principle. They both relish being outdoors. I could go on and on but I think the gist of what I am saying is that..I married my dad.

And I think that's a good thing. Because I have 3 daughters. And at some point in their life, they'll be going through a hurt like I am and I know that when they come running home to daddy, they'll be wrapped in the same blanket of love and support that I have been. I guarantee it.

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