Saturday, November 21, 2009

He Speaks

For more than 2 weeks, I've been praying for resolution. And it came. But in an unexpected form, to an unexpected situation. And it HURT. Like you wouldn't believe.

Thankfully, I was listening. REALLY listening. We all listen for what we want to hear but who wants to hear that we have shortcomings? And because He is merciful, He answered my prayers. He blessed me with what I wanted. But, I think He saw something I didn't *pause for moment of shocked disbelief*. He chose for me a path I wouldn't have ever considered. And after several days of reflection, I have to wonder if He saw that I was settling. Settling for less than was required of me. Is that ever right, to be held to a higher standard? Oh, I want that standard in place, don't mistake my meaning. But I think I was settling for less than I deserved. Willingly but blindly. And He opened my eyes to that.

I have stopped staring at the door that is so firmly closed to me. I've done a slow exacting circle and noticed all the windows that are wide open and realized, I am truly blessed.

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