Friday, August 7, 2009

Shave and a haircut....

This is too funny not to share. About a year ago, my husband decided he was done paying the $11-13 for a haircut and we bought a hair trimmer. We've experimented with the blade numbers and over the year have gradually moved to the #2 blade cover. I usually give him the haircut as he hovers over the bathtub. Not the most comfortable of positions but if he saves $10 every 3 weeks, he's willing to put up with the discomfort.

So, yesterday he decided that he was in need of a hair cut but for some reason he was unwilling to wait for me to completed whatever it was I was doing (probably on the computer). He decided to start without me. He came into the kitchen to ask if it looked even and I was a bit surprised that he had done it by himself and done a pretty good job...but there was one section on the right top of his head that appeared just slightly longer. I said I'd come back to the bathroom and fix it and before I could get there, I hear "NOOOOOOO" emanate from the bathroom. Being the good wife, I went to investigate.

Apparently, he had removed the #2 blade cover when he had finished with the initial hair cut and forgot that he removed it. So when he went to "fix" the long part, he did so with a trimmer with no blade cover...taking a 3 inch long 1 inch wide swath of hair right down to his scalp.

Really...a picture IS worth a thousand words:

We're considering his options: shaving the whole head (not my favorite), using a pen to draw on stitches (thus making it appear a PURPOSEFUL shaving), or using an eyebrow pencil to draw hair in.

Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Shave it all off...but don't forget the sunscreen!!!