Monday, July 27, 2009


Ever run across one of those recipes that seem SO simple, you just wanna say...DUH! Well I had the experience recently and have added it to my repertoire. But here's the kids LOVE it. All 4. LOVE.IT. And as much as I'd like to take credit for it, I'll give credit where credit is due...Tams...we're forever in your debt. What is it that will have the gods singing? Shrimp Salsa. And it's easy-peasy.

Here is what you need:
2 jars of your favorite chunky salsa (I use a Mexican brand Herdez, and I use mild because medium is more difficult to find...and I can usually find it for about $1.70/jar)
1 lb peeled, deveined and cooked shrimp (I'd say size doesn't matter, but it really does, as we well know. I've done this once with precooked frozen shrimp, and once with uncooked frozen shrimp that I boiled til JUST done...and I think I preferred the texture of the uncooked shrimp that I cooked myself. They were sized at 40-60 and I cut each one in half after cooking)
jalapenos (to taste...this time of year, I find that the smaller and darker the jalapeno, the spicier they are. I picked up giant ones last week and they tasted exactly like green peppers) at least 2-3 (3 is probably the tops I'd do if kids were eating it), cleaned and cut into small dice
cilantro again, to taste. I use about half a bunch cut up finely
juice of 2 limes if the limes are at room temperature, they juice easier
1-2 avocados diced depends on how much you like avocados.

Combine everything but avocados and refrigerate. Before serving (I do this mostly to keep the avocados from turning brown), add avocados. Serve with Tostito Scoops (so that you can get a little bit of all the flavors on one chip).'ll LOVE this. Bring it to a party and you will be a ROCK STAR!

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  1. I so want to try this! I need to host a gathering I guess.