Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's My Lucky Day

Those were the words my youngest sang as she ran into the house last night. In her little black dress...that was 2 sizes too small...but I digress.

"I found a 4 leaf clover!" she proudly proclaimed.

"But, one of the leaves fell off", she added with a pout.

Carefully controlling our smiles, we asked to see said Lucky 4 leaf clover of the missing leaf and she produced a beautifully shaped, evenly spaced 3 leaf clover, with a 4th leaf that was slightly bigger than the other 3 and still had part of the stem attached from where she peeled it off (obviously) another 3 leaf clover.

"Um, Beanie, you know this fourth leaf just doesn't seem to fit anywhere on this 3 leaf clover", her dad said, biting his cheek to prevent the bubble of laughter threatening to erupt.

"But Daddy", she stomped her foot in mock frustration at having been outed as a fraudulent four leaf clover finder, "it DID fit."

We all took a step back, not wishing to get hit with the inevitable strike of lightning that would undoubtedly hit her in retribution for her OBVIOUS charade.

Then, she giggled and replied..."It's STILL my lucky day".

THOSE kind of bubbles, I'm not willing to burst.

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