Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wonders DO Never Cease

The weekend turned out better than expected (and worse). Husband and son came home early Sunday, sans turkey (OK...FIL was still with them ;-p). There was a bit of a medical issue that needed attending and I'll leave it at that. I know he was disappointed. Last year, they had heard the turkeys on Sunday and Sunday WAS a beautiful day...perfect for a turkey to take his lady turkey friend out for a walk through hunter infested land.

On the perm front, my middle daughter decided to wait on the perm, cutting about 2-3 inches off and doing a front taper, letting the older daughter wallow in her "perm glory". Actually, it IS pretty cute, which I never doubted. She had some layers cut into it, leaving it long enough to catch in a pony and the front tapered from the "bangs". Yeah!

So, we had big fluffy waves. I won't say what it cost me, beyond...OUCH! Still, we didn't have arguments over who was getting what. We had support for one another. Wonders do in fact, never cease.

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