Friday, May 29, 2009

They Know

So, we've just finished with Beanie's birthday party. 10 8 year olds, held in a park (lots of running around), on a week-day night, fed them KFC and DQ, played a few games. And it left us DRAINED. And a little scared. Scared that our now 8 year old behaves the same way when she is at other children's birthdays. Because frankly, I was horrified. But, I'm trying to put it into perspective. It is an out of routine for most children and they test limits. Still, I think future birthdays will be dialed WAY back.

Which brings us to last night. Yesterday the shrimp truck* was in town and I availed myself to it. I brought home pieces of shrimp to freeze for homemade potstickers, plus 2 lbs of jumbo shrimp for dinner. I fried them and served them with a caesar salad, freshly cut pineapple and some garlic bread. On the deck as it was gorgeous. With a glass of wine or two. This was when we got "hit-up".

Our 13 year old came and asked us if it was possible for her to have an end of the school year party. Now, this coming on the heels of the 8 year old's birthday you would think we'd have said unequivocally NO. Thus we see the effects of a glass of wine on; short term memory. And the negotiation begins. When? Thurs. No (but that was only because *I* have Thursday plans which puts the husband in charge). Fri? Yes, Friday will work. 6-midnight? NO! 5:30-10:30pm? Accepted. How many? How many can I have? Uh, no, we need a number from YOU and we'll negotiate that. 15-20? We agreed to 18. Co-ed. Mostly outside. Snacks and pop. DONE.

Kids are smart, almost diabolically so. They know the EXACT time to hit you up for something they want. They know a glass wine will aid in their cause. Or two. Timing IS everything.

*shrimp truck =every 3 weeks fresh seafood is flown up from Galveston TX and is sold out of giant coolers in white truck about the Twin City area. For someone who LOVES fresh seafood, it's about as good as it gets in Minnesota

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