Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's a Hard Knock Life

We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. For the first time in ages, the weather cooperated and we were able to take full advantage of that. We had friends over and grilled, we went to a friends house's who grilled, we took the boat out on her maiden (this year) voyage. Super soakers were out in force as were water balloons. It really was a perfect weekend. Except for...

We gave my oldest daughter a season pass to the local amusement park for her 13th birthday. She went Saturday with two friends (and a list of rules). About 6pm we got the phone call from her. Her camera was stolen along with the few dollars she had left. Sigh...it's always around the time that I start feeling that there is more good in the world than bad that crap like this happens. Maybe we need it to shake us out of complacency and make us be a bit more vigilant. Anyway, she was in the water park section, had used her camera, was putting it away to go on a ride and actually commented that she hoped no one stole her camera. And someone stole her camera. A little prophetic. Oddly enough, hers was the only bag the "thief" went through. The other girls' items were untouched.

I feel bad for her, especially since the camera was a gift for her 12th birthday. Since she doesn't download pictures as she takes them, she also lost all the pictures on the camera. And while there weren't any compromising pictures on the camera, there are pictures of the girls being...well girls. Doing all sorts of posing, giving different looks: pouty, silly, sultry...etc. The upshot is that this is another learning situation for her. It sucks but it's reality. She's too cheerful of a person for this to turn her into a cynic, but I think it may have helped her see how she needs to really think through what "safe" really is. While being expensive, it was really a "soft" knock. Hard knocks really hurt.

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