Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delegating...It's a Good Thing

Of my 4 children, it's my youngest that is the most...extreme. And I mean that in both a good and bad way. Some days, I'm tempted to take her in and have her tested for attention deficit, but then I remember...she's 7. She needs those carefully explained instructions, followed by the 4-8 reminders, then the ensuing losing of the maternal temper. Right? This is 7.

Then there are the moments that just CRACK.US.UP. Saturday is her birthday. This is the first time that her birthday has fallen on Memorial Day weekend. So, we really can't plan a party for her this weekend. Last weekend we were too busy. Next weekend we're headed camping. Timing wise, we're in a bit of a pickle as school lets out on June 3 and we want it done before then. We have decided to have a week day/early evening party for her. *pause to hear all the parents groan*.

My first thought was let's take it somewhere ELSE. Else being ThoseRidiculouslyExpensiveJumpingPlaces. Then I checked out the website, saw the price for an early evening party of a 2 hour duration and thought ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME? That didn't include the cake, the inevitable dinner (because who sends their kids to a 6pm party having EATEN dinner?), AND the expected goodie bags. PLUS...the "package" included a ridiculous number of children (14-25) and I don't want to be paying for children who are NOT going to be there. OK, that was out.

She wants 9 friends, both girls and boys. *I* don't want anyone in my house. Yup...that's me, being self absorbed. I did a big home birthday party for her last year, a Tea Party, and if I do say so myself, it was FABULOUS!(exclamation point) But it was A LOT of work and I don't want to do that this year. So, I did what I rarely do: I threw the ball into the husband's court and said, "YOU deal with it."

His idea? Take all the kids to a local park. Order KFC. Set up some games. Do DQ with late pick up ice-cream cake at the park too. And pretty much let them run wild. I am SO good with that idea. Since it was his idea, I decided he would get the honor of telling her (because frankly, I'm not sure I could have dredged up the amount of enthusiasm necessary to convince my soon-to-be 8 year old daughter that a couple hours in the park was infinitely better than 2 hours of jumping heaven). She called him, at my request, and he told her of his idea. And her eyes grew round and her face cracked in half with a smile that I can't seem to get off her face. She LOVES it.

Now, she's taken to calling her father and requesting "details". Her side of the conversations goes like this:

Beanie: Daddy, go over the details of the party again.
Pause for daddy's response
Beanie: Yeah....Yeah...uh huh...FUN!

My guess is that what she is doing with these details is what we told her not to do: talking this up at school. I'm sure she's making it out to be THE event of the season and woe be it unto you if you haven't made her exclusive guest list.

Please...pray for a dry day. Otherwise, this practice of avoidance will all be for naught.

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