Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, my youngest daughter called me Tuesday night. I could hear her but couldn't make out a word she was saying and I kept saying..."I can't understand you". Finally, she figured out what she was doing wasn't working and told me, clearly, she was on the "underwater phone".

I sighed heavily and said, "Sweetie, we don't have an underwater phone. We have a waterPROOF phone, but that just means we can set it near the hot tub and if it gets splashed, it will be ok, not that we can take it IN the hot tub and try to talk underwater."

I should have asked...where's daddy?

She called me once more. To tell me her skinny markers at school had dried up. Could I run out and get her some new fat markers? I suggested that perhaps, if she needed new markers tomorrow, she might mention it to daddy, who could easily obtain them for her within a reasonable time. Or, if she really needed me to get them, she would have to wait til Monday, for me to fly home.


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