Monday, April 6, 2009


It's not like I typically spend alot of time in hospitals. I had all 4 of my kids in hospitals, have had various minor surgeries over the years. Most recently, my husband had his appendix out (back in Feb). And I am not wanting to be disparaging of this one, but I'm a little...concerned. It's like I walked through a time machine, back about 20 years. Not a confidence builder when your almost 75 year old dad is headed in for a triple bypass. I know hospitals have "smells" but usually they are either antisceptic or cafeteria-ish (esp if it's around "feeding" time). The one that assaulted my senses as I walked in was one of mold. Damp.

Maybe it's due to my coming from a metropolitan area where you pretty much can't swing a dead cat with out hitting a hospital. Heck, the small town I live in has a hospital that was built while we were there, while this hospital, while having been enlarged, is pretty much as it has been when we moved to NY 34 years ago.. I guess I'll be praying that I appearances are deceiving.

Updated: Dad's still in surgery but we were brought back to ICU and I am feeling al ittle more confident. I guess I should be happy that the hospital is spending more of its money on seeing to the patients' needs and not on the family members left in waiting rooms. And that's the way it really should be.

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